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Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding your pet and their business!


What if I have dogs AND cats, do I receive any special pricing?

You sure do! We provide an additional discount for any customers electing to participate in both Cat AND Dog packages.  Call us ahead to make arrangements.


Do you pick-up year-round?

Yes we do. Your pets don't stop relieving themselves, and we don't stop cleaning it up. There are times, during inclement weather, when we may not be able to do our regular stop (during heavy rain storms or snow/ice or poor driving conditions). If this falls on your day of regular pick-up, we will come the following week and pick up your pet's waste then.  There is NO make-up day and  we do not reimburse the cost of the missed week, since we will still need to pick up the same quantity of waste.


I want to pay by check but keep getting asked for my card information

To pay by check you WILL still need to go through our packages to see prices and options. Here is where the process changes. Instead of selecting " add to cart" , you will need to navigate back to the "OUR PACKAGES" page using the link above. Once there, find the BLUE arrow, that will take you to a form, which you will need to fill out. Additionally this page will indicate where you will need to mail payment. After submitting this form you will be given an email verifying that we have received your request. 


Do I need to be home when the service technician comes to my house?

No. When you sign up for our dog waste removal service, we will contact you to set up your service start date.  We will also discuss how and where we should access the area where your dog defecates. For our litter box service, you will simply leave your litter box on your porch or designated place of pick-up ( also discussed during he set-up call) and we will take your dirty box and replace it with a clean one filled with fresh litter. These will have lids to protect the dry litter from any elements.


What if I want to cancel my service?

You can cancel or upgrade your services at any time.  WE REQUIRE ALL SERVICE CANCELLATIONS TO BE MADE BY PHONE OR EMAIL, ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE. 


What if my pet passes away?

We at P.E.T. LLC understand that our furry friends can't be with us forever. We want to do all we can to help make this transition for you and your family as easy as possible. Simply contact us and we will cancel your service, free of charge, and reimburse you for any unused, prepaid services.


Do you offer one-time clean-up?

Yes we do. For customers who simply do not want to pick up their Spring mess or don't want to have the hassle of picking up their pets' waste before a party, we provide one-time clean-up for these needs. For pricing and additional services and products, click the ADDITIONAL SERVICES button found on the "Our Packages" page.


What do you do with the waste once you have picked it up?

We dispose of your pets' waste in the manner that is recommended by the Dane County landfill and each municipality's waste management company.


Are you insured?

Yes. We carry commercial liability insurance through American Family Insurance.


Do you clean-up any other poop?

Yes. For commercial and residential customers, we also provide removal of goose poop. Call us for a quote as we will need to evaluate the property

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