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Hi there, my name is Ben. Between my wife and I working and taking turns with sleepless nights, it became ever more difficult to keep up with our household chores. Not the least of which was taking our dog, Barley, for regular walks and making time to pick up his waste on our lawn. 
Accumulated pet waste creates two issues. Not only does animal waste negatively impact the environment when it sits for too long, it also becomes a hassle for your family. This makes it harder to enjoy your yard and your life. Dragging in stink on your shoes, tracking waste into your garage that attaches itself to your lawn mower, not to mention the disagreements it creates between you, your spouse and children regarding who's going to do the pick-up duties or clean the litter box each week.
Thus, P.E.T. LLC  was born. Allow us to alleviate this hassle and take responsibility of the unpleasant chore for you. We have a package and a price to meet the needs of every household. We cater to single-family homes, apartments, commercial properties and everything in between. No matter your situation, we want to be your pet waste removal solution. Thank you for your consideration.

Kind Regards,
Ben Baltus

Owner & Founder

Ben Baltus